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This unit is avaialbe by its self or as a package with onsite training provided.

Utility Crawler General Specifications:

Width: 328 mm (12.9”;)

Height: 232mm (9.1”;)

Length: 426mm (16.7”;)

Weight: 19kg (42 lb)

Depth Rating: 50m (164 ft)

Chassis Material: Anodized Aluminum

Max payload (sensors/tools): ~20 lb (may be higher depending on application and conditions)



Max Tractive Effort: up to 22.6 kg (50 lb) (terrain/application dependent)

Wheel diameter: 165 mm (6.45”;)

Variable Speed: 12 m / min

Turn Radius: 0 m



Tether Diameter: 5 mm (0.19”;)

Max Tether Length: 400 m (1312 ft)

Max Working Strength: 450 kg (1000 lb)

Tether Weight: Neutrally buoyant in water

Tether Construction: Polyurethane Outer Jacket with Embedded Light Weight Synthetic Fibers


Main Camera:

Fixed Forward

700 TVL HD

0.001 lux (ultra-low light)

90° Range of View


Main LED Lights:

High Efficiency LED Flood

1000 lumens


Elevating Arm Aux Camera (Optional):

360° Manual Positioning

Fixed Forward

Color 1/3 Sony CCD

700 HD

0.001 lux (ultra-low light)

90° Field of View



1 year – Parts and Labor

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